APEX Personal Wellness offers a welcoming and friendly environment for a select group of trainers and health professionals who are passionate about providing the best health, wellness and fitness services.

What we offer

Strength and Resistance Equipment including:


• two squat racks

• battle ropes

• dumbbells 3lbs up to 75lbs

• power plates and barbells

• hex bar

• short bar

• olympic bars

• kettlebells, mats

• resistance bands

• foam rollers,

• cable cross machine

• TRX's

• slam-balls

• BOSU's

• dip and pullup bar rack


• jump ropes

• cones

• myofascial release balls

• Treadmill

• elliptical

• stationary bike

• recumbent bike

• two Concept 2 rowers

• Coming soon: Astro-turf strip and sled


Easy Scheduling and space rental with MindBody


Private room rental for client consultations or massage/bodywork/acupuncture with a desk, chairs, storage cabinet and massage table


Business development and support from your owners

Studio Rental Rates

We offer competitive rates for studio rental that start at $21/hr/client to an unlimited monthly package for $1560.

We use Mindbody for our group of fitness and health professionals to easily schedule and purchase studio rental options.

Click here or the button below to view or purchase all of our studio space reservation packages.

Please contact us with any questions!

Our Space

These photos show a limited portion of our studio, and we invite you to contact us to visit and meet with us to see how our space and welcoming dynamic would work for you and your clients.

What our trainers are saying.

Apex is a great facility & community for us trainers to host our client sessions. I personally have been training here for 5 years, witnessing many clients achieve their fitness goals. The Apex staff is extremely supportive in creating an inclusive atmosphere for all to be successful.
— Chris M.
Prior to working at Apex, I had not really put much thought into the business side of training. The previous company that I had worked at for four years as a trainer did not really give me a good opportunity to learn about it. Over the past six months at Apex, meeting with Andrew, I have learned more about the business and I did in the previous four years! Andrew and Larry are always open to conversation about business growth questions I have to help me succeed as an independent trainer. Overall, they have been very informative and helpful to me. I enjoy training my clients at Apex.
— Danny A.
Andrew and Larry, the owners of Apex, are wellness gems in this city. They shine bright with their passion for the “personal” aspect of personal training. Watching them interact with their clients is like watching someone interact with family; greeting them at the door, giving their complete and undivided attention, a warm handshake and pat on the back.

When I started working with them as a trainer at Apex, it was notable that they cared deeply about not only their clients, but the environment of the trainers and people around them. They remember my clients names and make everyone around them feel a warm welcome, including me. They are fantastic personal trainers (you can tell their clients love them and are having fun), and incredible people that I look forward to seeing everyday.

In their everyday interactions as business owners, they are very fair, laid back and completely committed to the growth of everyone around them. I highly recommend Apex or Andrew and Larry for your personal training needs. These guys are the shiny diamonds in the neighborhood!
— Davina M.
I started working as a personal trainer in this gym at the end of last year after having worked for Crunch for a few months and WOW, what a difference! Whereas the management at Crunch focused on sales, numbers and saw clients only as dollar signs, the owners at Apex - Andrew and Larry - focus on providing both clients and trainers a positive experience that makes you feel welcomed and valued. They are some of the most genuinely caring and passionate people I have ever met, and I am grateful to have connected with them.
— Kim D.

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